You will not find us on discount portals


– Hotels that sell on discount portals are not able to pay enough attention to their clients and are unable to provide adequate services to which the guest is entitled. – it does not happen with us… 100% service and client care.

– Hotels that sell on discount portals provide a discount at the expense of quality and quantity. We pay attention to cleanliness and first-class service.

– Hotels that sell on discount portals do not invest in new facilities and therefore move out, their income from discount offers often does not even cover costs, so they have to save on other items, deceive cleaning and bedding.

– Hotels that sell on discount portals do not use quality raw materials and, due to great savings, use low-quality, often used raw materials. Our restaurants cook from 100% fresh ingredients, in full quality workmanship.

The situation in hotels selling on discount portals has been unsustainable and short-sighted for a long time. In our hotel we value every customer, we maintain the highest possible level of comfort, cleanliness and quality of services, we form a long-term relationship with our customer based on a common trust in 100% quality and friendship.

In hotels selling on discount portals, they sort customers, treat clients differently at a discount and differently a regular customer who is explicitly bothered to share hotel facilities often with another social income group who would never order quality hotel services of a higher price category without a discount… ..that will not happen with us, you will not find us on discount portals – we offer only 100% quality for our customers, we return all profits back to new ecological technologies, we reconstruct, we build a new wellness background for you, we take care of your safety and pamper everyone a client who understands the above fashion absurdity, to which we will NEVER join.

We thank our clients for their understanding and trust in our services

Hotel Bedřiška Špindlerův Mlýn