Price list

Wellness Hotel Bedřiška Špindlerův Mlýn

Opening hours: 10:00-22:00

Children younger than 13 may visit the wellness only untill 19:00

Children younger than 1 are not allowed to enter the wellness area


Guests accommodated in rooms Deluxe**** and Exclusive**** have unlimited access to the wellness for the entire duration of thier stay

Guests accommodated in rooms Comfort*** have 60 minutes of entry in to the wellness included for each day of their stay
(They may extend thier stay for 180 Kč/person/hour)

Guests accommodated in rooms Standard** have 40% discount from the base price for all their entries to the wellness

Sheets for saunas and towels are free to collect at our wellness reception

PRICELIST for non-accommodated guests:

Entry for 2,5 hours with access to swimming pool, whirlpool and saunas
(sheets for saunas and towels are included)

Additional Services:

Hotel Bedřiška Špindlerův Mlýn