A 12 x 6 m pool with a massaging water spout and a depth of 1.35 m is heated to a very pleasant 30°C.


The whirlpool has 56 massage jets, adapted for sitting and experiencing a hydro massage of the body. The water depth is 100 cm and the water temperature is 36–38°C. Staying there has no time limit, but it really shouldn’t exceed 30 minutes. The capacity is 5 persons.

steam sauna

A warm fog bath (approx. 45°C, humidity of up to 100%), similar to a sauna. The duration of your stay there always depends on the individual, but it’s usually 10–20 minutes. In the warming room, the body is not only exposed to the effects of heat but also to moisture from all sides and to the effects of the heated benches on which visitors sit.

After you leave the steam bath, it is recommended that you take a shower – it isn’t absolutely essential to cool oneself down so abruptly – using tepid water is sufficient. The phases of warming up and cooling down are usually repeated two or three times. A steam sauna is beneficial to the human body in many ways.


A room lined with wood that has a calming effect on the human psyche, heated to temperatures from 80°C to 120°C. In the sauna there is a heating stove with hot stones, onto which water is poured from time to time and the steam generated increases air humidity for a while. Humidity is relatively low in the sauna, reaching several tens of per cent. Warming the body to above normal body temperature is pleasant and relaxing. Tired muscles are relaxed and stressed brains are calmed in the sauna. The rapid warming and cooling of the body is repeated several times.


A bath with a temperature of 37°C in a spacious and specially adapted bathtub that, with a composition rich in salts and minerals together with a high water density, perfectly simulates the conditions of the Dead Sea. The action of the floating bath is based on the principle of weightless swimming; one literally floats in the bath without any movement. Thanks to this effect of weightlessness, the muscles, spine and joints become completely relaxed.


serves to cool the body after visiting the sauna. Rapid cooling evokes pleasant feelings, improved blood circulation and general relief. You can cool off with us in several ways:

Cooling pool - a classic method for rapid cooling of the body
Ice bucket - a procedure that cools the body after a sauna with a stream of cold water at a temperature of 10 ° C
Crushed ice - cooling in the form of a crushed ice massage with a temperature of - 5 ° C
Ice shower - a choice of two shower heads
Falling dew - a shower from which soft dew really falls. Very pleasant experience, we recommend after visiting the steam sauna

relax zone

after a massage, a stay in the steam bath, sauna or whirlpool, you can relax and rejuvenate in the relaxation area with several sun loungers.

There are comfortable chairs and loungers throughout the wellness area where you can relax. It is very pleasant to sit by the bio fireplace, heated and lined pillows.


A top quality solarium for the most demanding visitors! This solarium provides revolutionary results for a gentle and thorough suntan thanks to p2 – a new kind of pigment tubes. They achieve, in harmony with the proven technique of a method unknown so far, a perfect suntan and provide vitamin D3. A dual solar system provides an intensive suntan through the rapid creation of melanin on one hand, and vital bio-positive effects through the creation of vitamin D3 on the other hand.


We offer genuine Thai massages. Enjoy a unique atmosphere in the stylishly equipped interior of the massage room, where genuine Thai masseuses will take care of you.

You can enjoy your massage during Wednesdays till Sundays.


In the wellness area, there is a bar available at all times with an offer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, Nespresso coffee and a selection of several types of fresh juices.

Hotel Bedřiška Špindlerův Mlýn