Wellness Resort & Spa Špindleův Mlýn - Finská sauna


A room lined with wood that has a calming effect on the human psyche, heated to temperatures from 80°C to 120°C. In the sauna there is a heating stove with hot stones, onto which water is poured from time to time and the steam generated increases air humidity for a while. Humidity is relatively low in the sauna, reaching several tens of per cent. Warming the body to above normal body temperature is pleasant and relaxing. Tired muscles are relaxed and stressed brains are calmed in the sauna. The rapid warming and cooling of the body is repeated several times.


A warm fog bath (approx. 45°C, humidity of up to 100%), similar to a sauna. The duration of your stay there always depends on the individual, but it’s usually 10–20 minutes. In the warming room, the body is not only exposed to the effects of heat but also to moisture from all sides and to the effects of the heated benches on which visitors sit.

After you leave the steam bath, it is recommended that you take a shower – it isn’t absolutely essential to cool oneself down so abruptly – using tepid water is sufficient. The phases of warming up and cooling down are usually repeated two or three times. A steam sauna is beneficial to the human body in many ways.i.

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