The hotel Bedriska is situated in a part of Spindleruv Mlyn, 940 m above the sea level in a place, where from is a nicest view on the valley of Spindleruv Mlyn and surroundings peaks of Giant Mountains. This recreation object was built in year 1928 by Jewish goldsmith Mr. Fuchs, above all for a family holiday. In a war was he kept as a prisoner of war in a concentration camp in Eisenach, where he in year 1942 died.
In the fiftieth years of the century was this property taken from the family Fuchs to the needs of Czechoslovakia state. In year 1959 was established a recreation centre here for a former minister of national defence Dr. Alexej Cepicka, that?s why some of the people can remember it as a “Cepickas villa”. From this reason of latentness and protection of sovereigns was villa enclosured as the only one in Spindleruv Mlyn. Many times is family asking communisms regime for returning of the property to the ownership but all these requests were rejected. On many letters, among others also to the president of the republic of that time, was never answered. After a devastating living is the villa becoming a property from of Ministry of national defence on a Housing fund and after that Regional institution of national health crowned a disastrous state of the real estate and surrounding gardens. In the ninetieth years of a century was this property returned to the family on the basis of restituion?s claims. After a complete refurbishment is it in year 1993 opened as a hotel, named after a Mr. Fuchss granddaughter “Bedriska”. After one year of operation is the hotel becoming a property of Hotel Bedriska s.r.o. company, which by the time of action has increased the accommodation capacity about the studis, made accessible to the public and mainly to the quests garden with a park modification and tennis court together with a garden restaurant.

Hotel Bedřiška Špindlerův Mlýn