Eco Hotel

Hotel Bedřiška is ranked thanks to its activities
in the field of nature protection
and the introduction of environmentally friendly services
under the Eco Hotel brand.
– The installation of a heat pump system using a collector on the hotel grounds became a fundamental ecological achievement. The whole installation then provides heat for the hotel complex, incl. utility water and heating of the pool, whirlpool and floating. In the summer months, when the collector has to regenerate for 3 months, two air-to-water heat pumps provide thermal comfort.

– Another ecological activity of the hotel was the installation of a charging station for electric cars in the hotel parking lot, where two parking spaces are permanently reserved for hotel clients, restaurants, but also visitors to Špindlerův Mlýn.

– The hotel demonstrates the possibility of combining comfortable accommodation with strict rules for environmental protection.

– Waste is sorted and recycled, including fats and oils.

– The laundry is processed in our own laundry using ecological and nature-friendly products.

– The hotel is equipped with energy-saving light sources.

– Rainwater is collected in tanks and then used to water a large garden.

– All windows in the complex are thermally insulated as well as the building envelope.

– Drinks are not sold in cans, but only in returnable bottles.

– The volume of water flowing from all taps in the rooms is limited to less than ten liters per minute.

– Flowers and shrubs are planted around the hotel and a 15,000 m2 landscaped garden is maintained.

Just as we are interested in our guests, their needs and comfort, we also take care of the surroundings and nature.

Hotel Bedřiška Špindlerův Mlýn